Payments and Charges

Please do not worry about payments or money - come and speak to Mrs Lever in the school office to see if we can help!

MyEvolve online payments

Any payments to school can be made online, using the MyEvolve hub. All parents are issued with login details and this can be used to pay for school lunches, uniform, school trips, music tuition and after club fees etc.

School Lunch Payments

All school lunch payments are made via the MyEvolve Hub. Parents must order and pay for lunches before 9.30am on the day they are having the lunch. Lunches can be ordered and paid for in advance - youi can order and pay for a whole half term, a week or just a day. This giv es the flexibility to choose to take lunches on any day, rather than for a whole term. Please note that we cannot let debt accrue on school lunch accounts. If you are having difficulty with anything on the system, or need to speak to someone about school lunches, please speak in confidence to Mrs Lever in the office (in person, or on 0161 921 1690) who may be able to help.

Lost or damaged school property

We reserve the right to ask for a contribution towards replacement of any school equipment, library and reading books or reading records which have been lost, damaged or vandalised. This will be charged to parents on a case by case basis dependent on the item. Replacement Reading Records cost £1.00


If you would still prefer to pay for items with cash, this is also accepted, either through the school office, or via the class teacher. Please ensure any money coming into school is labelled with your child's name, class and the reason for payment.

Charging and Remissions

We do not charge for school trips or activities. However, without some contribution from parents, it would be impossible to run all of the activities we offer. School currently subsidises all trips and events in school, as well as swimming lessons in Year 5. In additon, we use fundraising to provide a free Christmas Pantomime and the end of school rewards and celebrations. We ask for a contribution from parents to cover trips or activities in order to continue to offer these experiences to our children, and we thank you for your support in this area. Our charging and remissions policy can be found below.

Exceptions and help

In exceptional cases and at the discretion of the Headteacher, payments in all categories (except school lunch payments) may be waived or subsidised. If you are having any problems paying for anything which your child needs for school, including school lunches, uniform etc; please speak to Mrs Taylor in the office as we may be able to help families out who are in need, offer advice or support you to get help from another agency. Any request for support will be kept strictly confidential.

Charging and Remissions Policy