Wellbeing is our key driver as a school. We want our children to be happy, work hard, be resilient to cope with challenges and obstacles and learn from mistakes.

We have a dedicated wellbeing lesson every Friday afternoon where these characteristics can be explored and developed. This, along with a rigorous programme of personal, social, health and economic development (including our Relationships and Sex Education Programme), supports our pupils to become effective British Citizens. We encourage a 'Growth Mindset' and actively teach children how to cope with life's challenges.

We are absolutely passionate that all children need to be happy, healthy and able to cope with everything that life might throw at them. We teach resilience, confidence, positive self-esteem and coping mechanisms to all children in everything we do, as well as through our wellbeing curriculum. We also develop an understanding of emotions, self-control, good relationships and keeping healthy in mind and body.

We recognise, however, that our mental wellbeing can change from day to day and that there are times in everybody's life when a little extra help or support might be needed and we have invested heavily in support for pupils' social, emotional and mental health. We now deliver a wide range of learning opportunities, support programmes and interventions from whole class work on wellbeing issues to small group programmes, one-to-one sessions and intensive therapies if needed. We work closely with a number of outside agencies such as CAMHS (Child the Adult Mental Health Service), the LSS (Learning Support Service), the Educational Psychology Department, School Nurse Service and others to ensure that we can provide the best experiences and support for your children. We also work very closely with a private company (EqE) who provide training and support for our staff to enable us to deliver therapies and group work which has been developed by highly skilled practitioners in all areas of wellbeing. We now have a number of staff who have been trained to deliver therapeutic interventions and lessons across all year groups.

Emotionally Friendly Settings(EFS)

We have been a pioneering school in the area of wellbeing in Salford and have worked with the Educational Psychology Service to pilot the EFS programme.  We were the first school in Salford to be awarded both the Bronze and Silver Awards and we are currently applying for the Gold Award.  We have also been part of a team of schools who have contributed to the model trauma informed behaviour model policy being launched this year across Salford.  Our own trauma informed policy is based on the latest research into behaviour support and management. 

Behaviour PolicyHeadteacher talking about ES

Th.Inc Room

We have a dedicated room which is used for therapeutic work.  We have a number of staff who are trained practitioners who can deliver group and 1:1 interventions and support for pupils for anxiety, bereavement, behaviour and other social, emotional and mental health needs.  They can deliver play therapy, lego therapy, emotional literacy sessions and other interventions. We also have a self-referral service where pupils can nominate themselves for talk-time if they are feeling sad or low or just want to talk to someone.


We have a trained Emotional Learning Support Assistant who has a dedicated area to deliver support for pupils who need help with their emotions or with an emotional issue.

Wild Tribe and Wild Crew

We invite pupils to attend our therapeutic woods adventures which are small group interventions to develop character, resilience, self-awareness and social and emotional understanding.  These are always fun sessions where we are not afraid to get wet, play in mud and build fires!!!

Play Therapist

We employ a fully trained play therpist, Julia, who takes referrals from our Inclusion leader.  Julia provides intensive counselling support and play therapy for pupils who may need more in-depth help. She also provides supervision for our staff, especially those who are dealing with chidlren who are distressed or emotionally dysregulated so that our staff are staying mentally healthy and are able to support all of our children well.


We can also refer to a wide range of other support and agencies across Salford and beyond.  Referrrals are made by the Inclusion leader or Senco.  More information about our SEND offer can be found on our SEND pages.