History Curriculum At Light Oaks School

Junior School Salford in Manchester

Key Stage 2 Overview

History teaching at Light Oaks Junior School focuses on developing the following children’s knowledge and understanding of:

  1. Chronology in History
  2. Knowledge & understanding of events, people and changes in the past
  3. Interpretations of history
  4. Historical enquiry
  5. Organisation & communication

The children study a wide range of social and historical periods in both British and European histories, through enquiry, cross curricular links with Literacy and art and through visits to local museums and galleries. The history units progress from year 3 to year 6 as follows;

Year 3

A world history study: Ancient Egypt.
Local history since 1930: Salford in the Blitz.

Year 4

European history; Ancient Greeks.
Local history & the Victorians: Victorian Salford.

Year 5

A world history study: Aztecs.
local history in Tudor times: Tudor Salford

Year 6

Local history & the Invaders:
Romans, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings in the North West.

History in Year 3

Ancient Egypt

As part of their history topic, year 3 children have taken great pleasure in experiencing the life of an Egyptian, during their Ancient Egyptian day, where all children and Teachers dressed up! Much fun was had and the day involved making Egyptian style necklaces out of dried pasta, quizzes to test their knowledge and a fashion show, where all children had the opportunity to show off their fancy dress outfits.


"I liked being a pyramid," said Daniel.

Bethany thought the Egyptians had interesting pets and she enjoyed finding out about their burial rituals.

Salford in the Blitz

In the early part of the autumn term the children thoroughly enjoyed finding out about life in Salford during the blitz. They designed and made their own air raid shelters, testing these out with eggs to see which shelter was bomb proof! As part of this unit of work the children have also studied life as a solider in the trenches and what life was like as a child during World War II.


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History in Year 4

Victorian Britain

During the autumn term, year 4 learnt about the Victorian era in British history. They studied the events which took place during Queen Victoria’s marathon reign; this included how Doctor Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury helped to improve the life of orphaned and street children, how Victorian schooling was different from today’s and what games children played with. They also experienced the Vile Victorians brought to life on stage at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

Queen Victoria

"I like learning about life as a Victorian child, especially the life of Oliver Twist," said Natasha.

Ancient Greece

Recently, year four children have been learning all about life in Ancient Greece, as part of their creative learning they investigated life as a Spartan soldier, making Greek shields and re-enacting a Greek war.

Pupils at Light Oaks

"I liked making a shield in D&T," says Charlie.

Joseph says, "I liked learning about the Greek Gods and preparing a power point presentation on Apollo."

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History in Year 5

The Aztecs and The Tudors

The children in year 5 have been finding out about the life of King Henry VIII in their Tudor project and the ancient civilisation; Aztecs. The children have been finding out about the life of an ancient warrior and in art produced Aztec style rugs. They also watched the Terrible Tudors brought to life on stage at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

At the at start of the year the children wrote a playscript on Elizabeth I and acted out the death and life of Elizabeth as a TV News programme, using digi blue equipment to record this. As part of their creative learning the children took on the role of an English or Spanish Admiral working collaboratively during a live battle on the Spanish Armada, making fatal decisions and discussing the original fate of this ship.

William, Jasmine and Ellie all said, "It was really interesting learning about the Aztecs."

Joel said, "We wrote a report about Elizabeth I and filmed it using digi-blue equipment, it was easy to use and fun!"

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History in Year 6

Romans, Vikings and Anglo - Saxons

Year 6 children have been working hard this year in History, learning all about the life of the Anglo Saxons based on the artefacts found at Sutton Hoo; a burial mound where an Anglo Saxons King burial boat was found by archaeologists in the 1900s. They studied a range of artefacts in class and further explored life as a Viking, through poetry.

After the SATS, year 6 children, with the help of Teachers and local artists, conducted a performance based on ‘Steampunk; the intersection of technology and romance; a genre of fiction, an aesthetic, a musical style, and a burgeoning sub-culture. They spent several weeks working extremely hard making three Victorian style machines, dressing up as Victorian people and performing for adults and children on stage. The children also conducted a local history unit of work, looking at maps and census records of Salford and finding out about the Industrial Revolution; its impact on Salford and Manchester.

Leon said, "I enjoyed taking play stations apart and making a sheen out of the circuit board, which looked a bit like a mini city. Our robot looked really impressive at the end."

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Written by Miss J Tandy History Co-ordinator 2007-2009

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